Wine tasting

Traditionally South Tyrol has many outstanding estates and vineyards, which not only produce local dry and fruity table wines, but also a large variety of higher quality wines that are renowned all over the world. The famous Italian wine guide book, the “Gambero Rosso”, awarded an “excellent” status to a hundred South-Tyrolean wines out of the 500 examined, while 17 received the top status of “3 glasses”.

South Tyrol has always been considered an area with a rich winemaking tradition thanks to the work of countless generations of winegrowers. The fantastic soil of this wonderful landscape has provided the perfect environment for the vines for millenniums. To the north, the Alps give good protection against the cold winds, while a mild Mediterranean breeze comes from the south.

Given this varied South-Tyrolean landscape, the local wine quality also differs greatly. They are the result of an extraordinary synergy between the climate and the different soil characteristics in the small vineyards. The South-Tyrolean vines form a colourful mosaic owned by over a thousand wine-growing companies, including some cooperative and commercial cellars.